Introducing the faculty artists of Sacred Heart

An array of Mr. Rotondos photographs featured in the gallery.
Izzy Sio 16

An array of Mr. Rotondo’s photographs featured in the gallery. Izzy Sio ’16

This year Convent of the Sacred Heart not only showcases the talents of its art students, but also displays the creative skills of its faculty.
Starting November 2013, Upper School art teacher Mrs. Paula Westcott and Gallery Director and  Lower School art teacher Ms. Erica Bogin have provided an opportunity for community members to showcase their work.  The faculty and staff art gallery is located in the hallway leading to the faculty dining room.  
Mrs. Westcott hopes that the collections will encourage faculty and staff to share their art with the community.
“We have many talented people among us and my hope is that the art exhibits will encourage them to create art and share it with all of us,” Mrs. Westcott said.
Ms. Bogin also recognizes the immense talent of the faculty. She hopes that the gallery will give visitors and members of the Sacred Heart community the chance to learn more about the teachers.
“There are many faculty members in our community working on creative projects outside of school whom we often  know only through their specific subject areas, so the gallery is a great forum for them to share their talents,” Ms. Bogin said.
At the beginning of this year, Mrs. Anne De Sutter, Upper School history teacher, showcased her watercolors in the gallery.  Mrs. De Sutter began painting five years ago.
“I was inspired by my love of the serenity that I find in nature, solitude, quiet and peacefulness,” Mrs. De Sutter said.

An array of Mr. Rotondo's photographs featured in the gallery. Izzy Sio '16
An array of Mr. Rotondo’s photographs featured in the gallery.
Izzy Sio ’16

Webmaster Mr. Salvatore Rotondo’s photographs are currently featured in the gallery.One composition in Mr. Rotondo’s collection is a lightbox filled with his own photographs taken during the summer. 
“I’m very blessed, because it gives me the opportunity to share my work with the community,” Mr. Rotondo said.  “Without Sacred Heart I wouldn’t have the opportunity to display my photos in a public setting.”
The directors hope that the gallery will provide a place of artistic inspiration.
“Hopefully having this intimate space will generate ideas and spark interest for others to share their personal work as well,” Ms. Bogin said.
Similar to the gallery, the Sacred Heart library showcased books written by faculty and staff in the Sacred Heart Faculty Showcase last year.
“My hope is that these collections will showcase the hidden talents of our faculty and staff members and help to bring an appreciation of art to the whole CSH community,” Mrs. Westcott said.
– Izzy Sio, Staff Writer