“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Jane Murphy ’24


What is the purpose of the Handmade by Heart Club? 

The Handmade by Heart Club aims to allow students to create school apparel they want to wear.  Currently, during club meetings, we discuss and share our ideas with each other.  Later in the year, we will either create some designs online, or we will present them to one another and give critiques.

As head and founder of Handmade by Heart, what inspired you to introduce the club to the Upper School?

I decided to start the Handmade by Heart Club so students could express themselves through the clothing and apparel they design.  I noticed that many girls, myself included, would rather choose to wear a sweatshirt they have at home rather than the apparel they have at school.  I thought that it would be nice to see school apparel designed by students for students.

What do you hope students will gain from their experience in your club?

The more I thought about the purpose of the Handmade by Heart Club, the more I realized its advocacy appears in many other aspects of life.  I hope this club inspires my fellow club members to stand up for what they believe in and make a change where they see fit.  Similarly, I know that many skills are needed to get this apparel to the Upper School, such as marketing, organization, and leadership.  In our club meetings, I try to prioritize communication and allow others to take the lead.  For example, in our previous meeting, girls would present their designs and explain their vision as the rest of us would provide feedback.

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Jane Murphy ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”