Jessica Johnson 15

Jessica Johnson ’15

Jessica Johnson '15
Jessica Johnson ’15

I have a question. How would you feel if it were your birthday but none of your family members said happy birthday to you because they were too busy celebrating the Fourth of July? Pretty bad, right? Kind of like a real life version of Sixteen Candles. Well, not exactly, but I think you see where I am going with this.
I have another question. What do most people say on December 25? “Merry Christmas” obviously, but what about Jesus? It is his birthday too! How about a “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” He did suffer so that we could be saved. It is the least we can do. It seems to me that we tend to get so caught up in holiday celebrations, that we miss the true meaning of why we are celebrating.

According to Pew Poll, 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, but only about half say it is a mostly religious holiday, while one-third view it more as a cultural holiday. Perhaps our culture has become too much about giving and receiving possessions rather than blessings.
Toys, jewelry, money, and clothes are collective primary preoccupations when we think about Christmas. Christmas songs about Santa play in every location known to man, and movies spreading the love of a Santa play all day. But what about Jesus? Where is he in the midst of all this celebration? Not on TV or on the radio stations, that’s for sure. He is the reason December 25 is so special anyway, why not thank him a little?
So this Christmas when you are with your family enjoying the Christmas celebration, remember to thank Christ for putting together your wonderful family, and for allowing you to be fortunate enough to have the things that you have. Take into account why we really celebrate Christmas in the first place. Do not forget about Christ this Christmas because you can’t spell Christmas without Christ.
– Jessica Johnson, Co-Opinions Editor