Texting through computers


While some students enjoy the ability to text from their computer, others disagree, saying it provides and unnecessary distraction. Anna Phillips ’15

The days of  being able to text only with a phone are over. With the new OS X mountain lion software, Apple computer users can now send direct text messages to any iPhone from their laptop or desktop.
Mountain Lion, the new software for Apple computers, can be purchased online at the App Store. The software comes with a “messages” app that can send and receive texts to and from any other Apple product. Thus, those who have lost their phone or who do not have cellphone service will still be able to view any texts sent to their phone on the computer.
“I like the feature because it lets me send and receive texts even if I can’t find my phone, which is really convenient,” sophmore Alex Foley said.

While some students enjoy the ability to text from their computer, others do not, saying it provides an unnecessary distraction.
Anna Phillips ’15

Other benefits include the ability to type texts faster on a computer keyboard then on a phone. This app also increases the demand for Apple products, as this feature is not currently available for any other brand of phone or computer.
“This definitely does make me want to have an iPhone or Mac, because I would love being able to text people without my phone,” sophomore Emily Sabia said.
However, despite the plethora of positive feedback, many have also criticized this feature. While some students enjoy having the ability to always have access to their texts, others disagree, saying that it creates a large distraction.
“Although it’s convenient, it is somewhat distracting at times when I’m trying to concentrate or do homework on my computer,” sophomore Annie Werdiger said.
Sophomore Vanessa Raskin disagreed with this statement.
“I think it’s very appealing because when I am doing my work I can text straight from my computer instead of wasting time to check my phone,” Vanessa said. “However, it can also be distracting if I’m really trying to focus.”
– Anna Phillips, Staff Writer