A senior plans to make her voice heard in college


Izzy Sio ’16

Izzy Sio '16
Izzy Sio ’16

A devoted member of the Convent of the Sacred Heart performing arts program, Sacred Heart senior Nicolette Brusco has sung in various musical productions and school choirs. As she prepares to leave Sacred Heart, she hopes to apply what she has learned about performing to college acapella choirs.
Nicolette’s interest in musical theater began at a young age. As a child, she attended many Broadway shows with her family, where she discovered her love for the art.  Her participation in Sacred Heart Middle School and Upper School musical productions further ignited her passion.
“I am very glad that I became involved in musical theater, because for as long as I can remember, singing has been an escape for me and has really helped me become more comfortable in my own skin,” Nicolette said.
Nicolette has played a plethora of roles including Olive Ostrovsky in the Sacred Heart 2011 spring musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and most recently debutante Hope Harcourt in this year’s school spring musical, Anything Goes.
 “It is an amazing feeling to be able to completely lose yourself in a role and transform into someone else for the duration of the show,” Nicolette said.  “While performing at Sacred Heart, the friendly and energetic cast has always made the shows incredible and unforgettable.”
Although she enjoyed all of her roles, Nicolette’s most memorable experience was playing the Narrator in the Sacred Heart 2013 spring musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoata role she shared with Sacred Heart senior Jane Mikus.
“It was an extremely fun show to put on and the cast was incredible,” Nicolette said.
Nicolette will attend Gettysburg College in the fall, where she plans on joining the college’s acapella groups.
“I think the acapella group I join in college will be very different than what I am used to because it will be solely run by the students and members of the group,” Nicolette said.
Miss Annette Etheridge, Middle School Music Teacher and Upper School Music Director, has been very involved throughout Nicolette’s performing arts career.
“Nicolette has always had a beautiful voice that I have had to pleasure to work with,” Miss Etheridge said.  “She takes direction very well and is a natural when it comes to music.”
Miss Etheridge has been working with Nicolette since fifth grade, and has watched how music has changed and shaped her.
“I have seen a shy girl develop into a confident soloist in the classroom as well as on the stage,” Miss Etheridge said.  “I would love to see Nicolette continue with her music studies and continue growing as a performer.  I know whatever she decides to do with her music, she will accomplish.”
Nicolette has created many memories both on stage and with her peers. She hopes her passion will lead her to similar experiences in college.
– Izzy Sio, Staff Writer