A bakeshop with sugar, spice, and everything nice


Buttercup Bakeshop, known for their signature Hummingbird cupcake and wide variety of pies and cookies, is located in White Plains, New York
Julia Perry ’15

When walking into Buttercup Bake Shop, customers are welcomed by a warm, clean atmosphere, filled with pastel colors as sweet as the frosting on the wide variety of cupcakes. The creative checkered floor and bar seating by the window provide a good contrast to the otherwise candy-colored store.
Available on the menu are many flavors of cupcakes, cakes, brownies and other sweet treats. The cupcake display behind the glass at the counter is immediately eye-catching and features unexpected diversity, ranging from the average Vanilla Buttercream to the more unique Hummingbird, a surprisingly delicious cupcake composed of pineapples, bananas and pecans. The Hummingbird  tastes like a great batch of banana bread, but with cream cheese frosting to top it off, and the pecans offer a delightful element of crunch. The Devil Dog cupcake is another Buttercup favorite, and is essentially, as its name suggests, a cupcake version of the Drake’s Devil Dog. Unfortunately, this cupcake was dry, flavorless and unexciting. Any of these cupcake flavors can be ordered in the form of a cake and make great desserts for larger parties.
Other highlights on the Buttercup menu include the banana pudding, the lemon cake, and the wide variety of brownies and pound cakes. The banana pudding has just the right level of creaminess. Vanilla wafers moistened in the middle add a cakey aspect to its texture, while the flakes of wafers on top contribute crunch to the pudding’s surface. All of these treats go well with the small cups of milk offered at the bakery.
For good quality baked goods in an attractive environment, the pricing at Buttercup Bake Shop is reasonable. The medium-sized cupcakes go for $2.25 each and the 9-inch cakes are on average $36.00.
If there is one thing to complain about at this bakery, it’s the poor customer service. Let’s put it this way: the servers are much less sweet than the baked good they are serving.
– Julia Perry, Staff Writer