Summer of possibilities

Elise Jackson 18

Elise Jackson ’18

Convent of the Sacred Heart helps frame the future for Upper School students by offering opportunities to shadow professionals for a week during the summer. The shadow program, created by Mrs. Lori Wilson, Director of Campus Ministry, Upper School Community Service and Summer Enrichment, presents students with the chance to explore career possibilities in a field that interests them.
Mrs. Wilson reaches out to alumnae and Sacred Heart parents in search of shadow opportunities each year.  In the past, students have shadowed architects, stockbrokers, cardiologists, detectives, and surgeons.

Elise Jackson '18
Elise Jackson ’18

Over the summer, Sacred Heart sophomore Helen Rail wanted to explore a field that she did not know much about.  She embraced the opportunity to intern at Wells Fargo in Manhattan and experience investment banking.
“I learned financial terms and more about how to trade bonds and equities,” Helen said. “I also learned about fixed income and property management.”
At Wells Fargo, Helen sold oil equities and researched the property incomes of the top 500 business corporations.
Sophomore Genevieve Capolongo explored her interest in computer programming when she shadowed at Dstillery, a computer coding company that collects data to determine the best websites for companies to advertise on. She also learned the process of how to code and sat in on meetings at Dstillery.
“It was very empowering as a girl looking at a field dominated by men,” Genevieve said.
The shadow program teaches students about businesses while simultaneously exposing them to the work environment.
“Our girls are like college kids in the way they present themselves,” Mrs. Wilson said, “and whatever we can do to help our girls figure out their career paths, the better.” 
Students interested in participating in the shadow program next summer should contact Mrs. Wilson for more information so she can work on finding placement early.
– Alessia Barcelo, Staff Writer