Smarter than the average watch

Apple iWatch with 42 mm Silver Aluminum Case and Green Sport Band.
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Apple iWatch with 42 mm Silver Aluminum Case and Green Sport Band. Courtesy of

Apple iWatch with 42 mm Silver Aluminum Case and Green Sport Band.  Courtesy of
The Apple Watch combines elements of both smartphones and sport watches.  
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As Apple increases the size of the iPhone, the company gears up to release its smallest device yet. In early 2015, Apple will release the Apple Watch, as part of the industry’s growing health, exercise and fitness technology trends.
Fitness watches can record activity, food intake and sleep cycles. Recently, they revolutionized the world of fitness by increasing the accessibility of these tracking features to individuals on-the-go, in school, or at work according to The New York Times
The Apple Watch combines elements of both smartphones and basic sport watches, thus making it a smart watch. According to, the device can access messages, phone calls, emailand notifications. Similar to other Apple products, Siri, Apple TV, and iTunes are programmed on the device. The watch comes in white, green, blue, red and black, also making it a fashionable accessory. 
This December, Convent of the Sacred Heart varsity cross country runner, Hanna Sheehan, will participate in the Frozen Bonsai Half-Marathon in Central Park. She is using a sport watch to train.
“Being a long distance runner, I know that it is very important to maintain a very healthy lifestyle in order to be successful during races. Staying balanced is such an important aspect of being a runner, so I think that the new health features on the Apple Watch are going to be really beneficial to athletes,” Hanna said.
Apple’s advertisements feature the watch mimicking a personal trainer.  It tracks total body movement and heart rate and measures calorie intake. According to, the watch suggests achievable, personalized goals to maximize motivation to live an active life.
According to its promotional film on, the watch “benefits people who just want to be more active throughout their day, to those who workout a few times a week, to athletes committed to improving their performance.”
Sacred Heart Athletic Trainer, Ms. Dawn Macri, thinks that the Apple Watch will benefit athletes of all ages.
“It gives a more complete idea of their nutrition and exercise, that will help them to focus on their health and activity levels,” Ms. Macri said.
– Arielle Kirven, Staff Writer