A year to imagine


Anabeth Bostrup ’15

In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, there’s one scene that endures in my memory. It’s when Willy Wonka first introduces the troop of golden ticket holders into his magical wonderland filled with decadent chocolate rivers and candy trees or as Wonka refers to it, “a world of pure imagination.”

Anabeth Bostrup '15
Anabeth Bostrup ’15

The past few weeks have offered me a surrealistic experience somewhat akin to that of Charlie Bucket and all of the golden ticket winners. It’s hard to believe that senior year has finally arrived and is already passing quickly. I’m living in the world that I fantasized about as a preschooler, second-grader, and sixth-grader. Senior portraits. Yearbook pages. Senior day. Each milestone makes the year that I, and so many of my classmates, have imagined for so long become a reality.
Yet seniors have a lot more to conjure than just the excitement and power that connotes their position at school. They are visualizing their futures. College applications require students to imagine their lives on college campuses beyond our community’s familiar 118 acres. The year that lies ahead is full of change, goodbyes and new beginnings.
Similarly, the Convent of the Sacred Heart community is experiencing a new journey. The 2014-2015 school year is witness to the transformation of our campus with a state-of-the-art athletic facility and common area. Fittingly, the school’s theme for the year is “imagine.” Albeit, it does take a bit of imagination to envision that the current piles of dirt will amount to a 40,000 square foot building.
Imagination is present not just in the senior class and construction projects. Rather, it manifests itself everyday through the innovative minds of students and faculty. At Sacred Heart, we are pushed to think creatively, beyond the scope of required course material.
The third online edition of the King Street Chronicle illustrates that same zeal for innovation. With an energized and pensive class of reporters and editors, the newspaper promises to reach heights many of its predecessors could have never imagined.
This year, the King Street Chronicle will include a Letters to the Editor column and a weekly “Humans of Sacred Heart” column–a photographic catalogue of our vibrant, diverse community. We will also continue our popular “Of the Week” selections and strive to reach a wider audience of readers.
When all of the children walked into that chocolate factory, their dreams, wishes and imagination became realities. In the same way, this school year is making many figments of our imagination materialize. So come along with the King Street Chronicle reporters and editors on our year-long journey. I can promise you that we will keep you up to date with all of the excitement, opportunities and upcoming events in our own “world of pure imagination.” 
-Grace Isford, Editor-in-Chief