Seniors with a deep respect for their teachers' values

Katie Nail 16

Katie Nail ’16

As the school year comes to a close, Convent of the Sacred Heart seniors will not only miss the school’s chocolate chip muffins and Core Center dance sessions, but also the teachers that inspired them throughout their Upper School years.
Upper School Theology and History Teacher, Mr. Dan Favata, is well known at Sacred Heart for his dedication to his students, who frequently see him running through the Upper School hallways with piles of books in hand.
For senior Grace Kennedy, Mr. Favata played a special role in her education. 

Katie Nail '16
Katie Nail ’16

Mr. Favata has known Grace for seven years. He taught her sixth and eighth grade theology classes, her tenth grade Scripture and the Arts class, and her AP Art History class this year.
“It doesn’t matter what Mr. Favata is teaching,” Grace said.  “He’s always just so passionate in everything he does, which makes his class very fun.”
Mr. Favata’s AP Art History course has also inspired Grace to consider the field as a potential major in college.
“I’ve fallen in love with art history because of Mr. Favata’s passion and enthusiasm for the class,” Grace said.
Students know Upper School English Teacher and Director of the Sacred Heart Center for Research, Teaching and Learning, Mrs. Linda Vasu, for her dedication to her students, as well as her fascination with the prefrontal cortex.
“Mrs. Vasu’s class was one of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating classes I’ve ever taken,” senior Jennifer Esposito said.  “She really inspired me to think critically and to look beyond what’s right in front of me to see the bigger picture.”
Even though senior Kylinn Askew is primarily interested in science, her teachers have inspired her to pursue classes in fields beyond the sciences. In particular, Mrs. Vasu encouraged Kylinn to take extra English classes at Sacred Heart. 
“Mrs. Vasu gives you tough love and teaches you how to write through constructive criticism, which has really helped my writing,” Kylinn said.
Despite the fact that Kylinn is not planning to further pursue an English career, she appreciates Mrs. Vasu’s interest in her college path.
“She’s very encouraging of women who work in the STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] fields and she is always willing to help me when I need it,” Kylinn said.
Senior Natalie Ponce admires Upper School English Teacher Dr. Cristina Baptista and Broadcast Journalism Studio Director and Broadcast Journalism Teacher Ms. Ellyn Stewart for their leadership and dedication to their passions.
Dr. Baptista shares her love of poetry with her students and helps plan Poetry Month every April. Ms. Stewart instills her passion for Broadcast Journalism and creative filmmaking into her students.
“Dr. Baptista has definitely made me a better writer and has made me step out of my bubble, and Mrs. Stewart has shown me that Broadcast Journalism could be a choice that I am considering for the future,” Natalie said.
All Sacred Heart teachers have helped students improve and shape their personal and intellectual values and have encouraged them to live by the school’s goals everyday.
“Through their dedication to their work, their honesty and their faith in each of us as students, Sacred Heart teachers are truly an inspiration to all of us,” senior Emily Casper said. 
– Izzy Sio, Staff Writer