Weighty decision

courtesy of Alana Maguire,
Multi-Media Design Class

courtesy of Alana Maguire, Multi-Media Design Class

courtesy of Alana Maguire ’16,
Multi-Media Design Class

For those Americans planning on stepping into the voting box on November 6, there are a few key points that must be known prior to choosing who to elect.  From plans to making America more energy independent, to how illegal immigration should be handled, the two main candidates running for office have very distinct ideas, and it is up to the voters to chose who they feel will be able to best run the nation.

“Before anyone goes to vote, they need to not just think about now, but the future as well,” junior Christina Monaco said.
The American people have two major options for their future leader.  Democratic party nominee, current President Barack Obama, with Vice President Joe Biden, are seeking their second term in the White House.  Running against the current President and Vice President is Republican nominee, Massachusetts’s Governor Mitt Romney, and running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.
As far as energy independence goes, Mr. Obama promises to double fuel efficiency standards, which will save 12 billion barrels of oil and save American consumers $8000 at the pump over the course of the next year, according to barackobama.com.  Although he will not pass the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would transport raw oil from Canada to numerous processing plants in the United States, he plans to open up 75 percent of US gas reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic.
Romney, on the other hand, says that he will approve the exploration and development for the Keystone XL Pipeline project, according to mittromney.com.  According to the June 14 CBS News video recording of Romney’s speech on June 14 about the economy in Cincinnati, Ohio, Romney said the Pipeline will be developed, even “if I have to build it myself.”  His other plans towards the development of an energy independent America include the empowerment of states in regards to energy production within their borders, with the federal government only certifying that all actions are legal.
In regards to healthcare, Mr. Obama promises that he will continue the expansion of his healthcare bill, with the goal of increasing access to health insurance by making it illegal for insurance companies to deny someone coverage due to a preexisting medical condition, along with many other reforms found in his Obamacare legislation.
In direct contrast to Barack Obama’s plan, Mitt Romney plans on repealing Obamacare, and giving states the power to install their own healthcare plans for their citizens.  His goal is that through state empowered healthcare plans, small insurance companies will grow and compete with each other, which would also increase the flow of national revenue, strengthening the economy.
One thing that both Mr. Obama and Romney can agree on is that the illegal immigration issue must be dealt with.  Obama’s focus is on the illegal immigrants who are already residing in the United States, with a smaller emphasis on preventing more from entering.  He promises to fulfill the American Dream for illegal immigrants who came to the United States at a young age by allowing them to finish their educations and become productive members of American society.  His DREAM act allows families containing illegal persons to stay together in the United States as long as they are in the process of beginning the legalization process. 
Romney’s plans for the future of illegal immigration contrast Mr. Obama’s in the sense that they focus on the reduction, and possible termination, of illegal immigration streaming into the country.  His plans include building a fence along the southern border between Mexico and the United States, and enforcing a “no amnesty” policy that requires illegal immigrants to wait for the same amount of time as other applicants for legal documentation.  He will also require employers to ensure that all of their employees are legal, therefore reducing the availability of jobs to illegals, with the goal of dampening their expectations of finding work in the United States.
The future President will be instilled with the power to change the course of America.
“The most important thing is that everyone does vote,” senior Nicole Polemeni-Hegarty said.  “The fate of our country is in the hands of every voter.”
For more information on Barack Obama or Mitt Romney’s campaigns, go to barackobama.­com or mittromney.com.
– Bianca Chiappelloni, Staff Writer