Healthy habits: more meals


An apple is one snack in the six-small-meal-a-day schedule, an eating routine which students may follow to feel more energized throughout the day.

An apple is one snack in the six small meal schedule, an eating routine which students may follow to feel more energized throughout the day.

The eating routine that people have followed for years may now be transformed. Contrary to common belief, eating three meals a day may no longer be the healthiest option. The newest phenomenon is eating many small meals during the day instead of the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule.
Students at Convent of the Sacred Heart are interested in this topic after hearing it may help them not feel as fatigued throughout the day. Researchers claim that following this routine leads to increases in energy. With such busy lives, this new phenomenon could help students stay energized and focused throughout the day.
According to The New York Times’  best-selling author Jorge Cruise’s book, The 3-Hour Diet, breakfast should be eaten within one hour of getting up in the morning. For the remainder of the day, small meals should be eaten every three hours. A small meal can be defined as more of a snack, for example granola bars and small salads. Lastly, eating should stop three hours before going to sleep. Mr. Cruise claims that this speeds up the metabolic rate, leading to increases in energy levels.
The thought process behind this new idea is that more calories are burned when people eat small snacks regularly. Eating fewer meals lowers calorie consumption. The small meals that are recommended to consume consist of very few calories, such as an apple. If the facts behind this idea are true, it may begin to be a trend in students who are eager to feel more energized throughout the entire day.
Students at Sacred Heart have different opinions on this new eating routine. Some students are already eating in this six small meal a day schedule and know all about the benefits that come with it.
“I choose to eat around six meals a day because I feel it keeps my brain working for academics and keeps me energized for after school activities,” sophomore Annie Werdiger said.
Others had never heard of this technique, but after hearing of its advantages think they may try it in the near future.
“I normally eat just three meals a day because I don’t get that hungry throughout the day,” freshman Georgina Cahill said. “But, maybe I will consider trying this new technique.”
This new idea could lead to new diets and eating habits for many people. Although new health discoveries are made constantly, Mr. Cruise implies that this one has the potential to stick with people for awhile.
– Kim Smith, Staff Writer