Staff Editorial: Senior smilestones


Emily Hirshorn ’15

Emily Hirshorn '15
Emily Hirshorn ’15

My mom always says, “the days are long but the years are short.” This saying is especially true for me this year.
During my past 15 years at Convent of the Sacred Heart, I have marked my progression as a Sacred Heart girl through memorable events like the Mother Daughter Liturgy, the Father Daughter Dinner Dance, Congé, the Christmas Sing-Along, Prize Day, and the other special occasions throughout the year.
But, now that it is my last year at this school, and I am trotting along the Sacred Heart path for the fifteenth time, the passing of these events holds an even more significant place in my heart. They are no longer memorable events–they are now milestones.
Seniors, we are one third of the way done with our senior year. We have already had our last Mother Daughter, Father Daughter, and Congé. There are still numerous special events up ahead, including our senior Christmas Sing-Along, senior lunches, and of course graduation, so we should cherish each one as they come.
Though sometimes the days are often long, busy, and difficult, each passing moment is significant because it marks the ending of our time at Sacred Heart and the beginning of our journeys ahead.
We are all anxious about where we are going to college and what we are doing in the future. Next fall, we will be scattered across the country (and for some, perhaps even the world) and will have amazing experiences. But, we won’t ever be able to get back the time we have right now with our friends, our teachers, and our Sacred Heart community. That is, of course, unless time travel happens to be invented in the near future.
So, I want us to not wish away these next two trimesters. Rather, I want us to take a look at each day with a smile—and treat every moment, both big and small, as a smilestone. Because, with a positive attitude, and maybe a few Starbucks coffees, we can make every second at Sacred Heart into a moment worth smiling about.
– Emily Hirshorn, Opinions Editor