Spring sports warm up over spring break



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Convent of the Sacred Heart’s varsity lacrosse team scrimmages Potomac girls’ lacrosse team. Courtesy of Claire Squire ’16

Convent of the Sacred Heart’s varsity lacrosse and golf teams traded in the New England cold for the Floridian warm for five days over spring break to participate in practices, workouts, and team-bonding activities.
Varsity lacrosse traveled to International Management Group (IMG) Academy in Bradenton, Florida, where players practiced skills, developed game strategies, and bonded with teammates. 
Aside from regular practices and scrimmages, IMG coaches led hour-long sessions to develop the team’s knowledge about all aspects of being an athlete. These included seminars on nutrition, leadership, and mental toughness, as well as visits to the weight room, and the box lacrosse field house. Athletes also had a speed and agility session, where they worked on proper running techniques.
“In all our sessions at IMG we learned how to strengthen both our bodies and our minds,” varsity lacrosse player and junior Claire Squire said. “For example, we learned that it’s really important to eat simple carbs a half hour before a game and to continue drinking gatorade in order to refuel your body during games and practices. The three important things to remember were to refuel, rehydrate and rebuild.” 
Six golf players traveled to Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida, to participate in Sacred Heart’s first ever golf training trip.
“For the past few years, one of the golf team’s biggest struggles was our lack of practice time right before the season opener,” varsity golf captain and senior Emily Casper said. “Each member who attended the trip had goals for themselves, and I think that many of us met those goals by working with the trainers at Saddlebrook and applying what we were taught on the course.”
The golf team’s practices included improving technique on strokes and putting and participating in practice rounds on the course. Coaches also set up specific drills for the athletes to work on chipping, pitching, and distance control.
The golf players found time to enhance their connection not only as athletes but also as friends. 
Varsity golf players leave the course after a day of practice at Saddlebrook Resort.  Courtesy of Lilly Pura '16
Varsity golf players leave the course after a day of practice at Saddlebrook Resort.
Courtesy of Lilly Pura ’16

“We went to the pool in our free time to relax and spend time with each other while not playing golf which was really fun and a great way to strengthen the team’s connection. Overall the trip was a great way to start off the season,” varsity golf player and junior Alexandra Lilly said.
The lacrosse players also made team-bonding a top priority as they took part in a scavenger hunt, went to the beach, watched the movie Miracle, and made ice-cream sundaes one evening.
“I was a little nervous for the trip at first because, being a freshman, I didn’t know very many of the upperclassmen on the team,” varsity lacrosse player and freshman Samantha Clark said. “However, they were incredibly welcoming and encouraging the entire trip and I feel like we have great team chemistry. The facilities at IMG Academy were amazing and it was really inspiring to train around such driven athletes. The trip made me feel honored and excited to be on a varsity team and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season.”
-Brooke Wilkens, Staff Writer