Humans of Sacred Heart – Mrs. Kate Hanna


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“What I think of the atrocities that took place in Paris is the same as what I would think of any terrorist atrocity that would take place in any country of the world. And that opinion is that the attacks were an abomination to humanity and an abomination to all of the good people in the world of Muslim faith. I really appereciate everybody coming out in solidarity and support for each other. I do, however, think it would be a very good thing – and would be very helpful – for the ‘good’ Muslims of the world to come out in a united protest against jihadists and Islamic terrorists. As the brother of the slain Muslim Parisian cop stated, these terrorists are not Muslims. They are terrorists pretending to be Muslims. As always, the answer is love and respect.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Upper School and Middle School Library Assistant Mrs. Kate Hanna for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Compiled by Sarah Jackmauh and Alice Millerchip, Content Editors