Women of the World collection tours Sacred Heart schools


“El Salvador,” painted by Karlisima, depicts the way the artist sees herself as a woman proud of her heritage. Juliette Guice ’17

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Artist and curator Mrs. Claudia DeMonte displayed her collection Women of the World which portrays diverse representations of women across the globe at Convent of the Sacred Heart’s Cora E. McLaughlin ’29, RSCJ Art Gallery beginning January 22. Mrs. DeMonte traveled around the world and compiled 174 pieces of art to showcase women of different cultures.
According to Women of the World, a publication about her collection, Mrs. DeMonte invited artists to create works that represented their views of women.
Mrs. DeMonte debuted Women of the World at her opening reception in June 2000 at the White Columns, a performance space in New York City. Since then, the collection has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, and even at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.
Stephanie Moore, Religious of the Sacred Heart, came into contact with Mrs. DeMonte and received permission to tour the collection throughout the network of Sacred Heart Schools. The collection started its voyage at the Rosary School in Louisiana, then made its way to Stone Ridge School in Maryland, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Nebraska, Stuart Country Day School in New Jersey and is now at Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich for a few weeks. The collection will then travel to Newton Country Day School in Massachusetts and to the Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart in Texas.
The collection is the work of hundreds of artists from six continents, and includes paintings, printmaking, jewelry, basketry, wood carving, sculpture and mixed media.
Currently, there are about 150 pieces on display  in Sacred Heart’s annex including a metal vest, bark and silk paintings and batik, a form of Indonesian painting using dye. Members of the Sacred Heart community agree that although each artwork portrays a different theme, each piece highlights the beauty of women.
Lower and Middle School Art Teacher and Gallery Director Ms. Erica Bogin shared her thoughts on the exhibit, explaining the meaning of a Costa Rican depiction in the collection. 
“The cycle of the moon is very important in this piece, and how it affects women and the earth,” Ms. Bogin said.
Ms. Bogin also praised the themes of empowerment present in the works, describing a tapestry from Guyana as a symbol of strength and versatility.
“I find this collection very interesting to see how women are viewed by themselves and by society,” Ms. Bogin said.
Mrs. DeMonte’s unique collection encourages women empowerment and individuality, echoing the ideals of the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.
– Juliette Guice, Staff Writer