CSPA recognizes Upper School students' work


Nadia Zuaiter ’17

Eighteen Convent of the Sacred Heart Upper School students who participate in Broadcast Journalism and Journalism recently received recognition from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s thirty-first Gold Circle Awards program.
The Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) strives to unite student journalists and faculty in schools and colleges through educational conferences, idea exchanges, critiques and awards, according to cspa.columbia.edu.
The Gold Circle Awards program recognizes high-level work by an individual student journalist or staff working together on print or online media.

Nadia Zuaiter '17
Nadia Zuaiter ’17

Sophomores Quinn Butler and Juliette Guice received a Certificate of Merit in Video  Public Service Announcement (PSA) for their piece “Life Gets Better.” The video depicts a teenager battling depression who attempts to take her life through a drug overdose. The PSA strives to emphasize the importance of working through adversity, instead of viewing suicide as an option. 
“We wanted to make a powerful video, which focused on a big issue right now,” Quinn said. “Everyone goes through hard times and we wanted to show the importance of working through them.”
Freshmen Perry Barth and Laura Holland received a Certificate of Merit in Video PSA for their work “Be Your Own Quarterback.” The PSA focuses on gender roles in modern society. In the video, a young girl sees her father and brother playing football and asks if she can join. After her brother turns her down, she walks back inside. Her brother then throws the ball to her where she can see every female stereotype pass across the surface. One by one, she crosses out each phrase and rewrites a new, empowering word.
“I was inspired to make this PSA because I am very passionate about gender equality and how women are seen in our modern society,” Laura said. “I wanted to spin a stereotype on its head and share my ideas and what I am passionate about with others.”
Senior Katie Hill and juniors Aggie Ryan, Grace Sutherland and Cynthia Thomas won first place in video documentary for “Searching for my Roots. The documentary follows Aggie’s father, Mr. Chris Ryan, on his quest to find his biological mother, Mrs. Pat Mangan.
Also in Broadcast Journalism, sophomore Ellen Pucel and current Hotchkiss sophomore Katie Miller received third place in video documentary for “Inside P.O.T.S.” The documentary provides an inside look into the organization, Part of the Solution (P.O.T.S.), by including interviews from workers, volunteers, and people in the P.O.T.S. community. 
“Making this video was a wonderful experience overall,” Ellen said.  “I was able to learn about a new organization and, in a way, was able to help them promote their wonderful company.”
Junior Riley Doyle won second place in video PSA for “Drowning in Plastic.” Riley’s video aims to bring awareness to the excessive amounts of plastic used around the world each year.
Sophomores Emily Micciulli and Maddie McLane received third place in video PSA for “Love Shouldn’t Hurt.” The PSA discusses the trauma domestic violence victims endure, and the prevalence of this issue in todays culture.
In addition, freshmen Christina DeConcini, Caroline Dym and Maya Rajan received a Certificate of Merit in Video PSA for “We Exist, Too.”  The piece stresses the importance of treating everyone with dignity, regardless of his or her disability. 
“I was very excited when I heard that we won,” Christina said.  “I was happy that we were able to promote the equality of all successfully.”
Additionally, two members of the King Street Chronicle won Gold Circle Awards. Content Editor Alice Millerchip received a first place certificate for her article “A Beam of Hope in Hunts Point.” Opinions Editor Emily Hirshorn attained a third place certificate for her graphic, which accompanied Editor-in-Chief Grace Isford’s article “Asthma’s Rising Cases and Costs.”
Viewers can see the full videos for “We Exist, Too too,” “Inside P.O.T.S,” “Be Your Own Quarterback,” and “Life Gets Better” at the Sacred Heart Film Festival April 9, 2015.
– Nadia Zuatier, Staff Writer