Ring me maybe


Emily Hirshorn ’15

The lists, Facebook posts, and hushed conversations about who is ringing whom increase as the year progresses. Juniors claim ownership of a senior because, “I have madrigals, field hockey, and Spanish with her, you only know her from bells.”
We wait for the perfect time to pop the question, not too early that it seems irrelevant, but not too late that somebody else asks. It’s a balance and everything is closely calculated.

Emily Hirshorn '15
Emily Hirshorn ’15

This year the Class of 2015 is made up of 82 seniors whereas the Class of 2016 has 77 girls, which means that some juniors may have two ringers.
As for the question itself, many choose to ask directly, while others put up candy and signs in lockers. In the past, requests have been received on sport-specific senior days, talent show endings, and all manners of productions.
Anxiety about ring day competes with anxiety about junior prom for the Class of 2016. In my opinion, however, ring day matters even more. We have senior prom to worry about next year, but we have only one day to receive a ring from an upperclassman. A ring that bears the symbols of our Alma Mater and reminds us of the values and connections of Convent of the Sacred Heart that will last long after graduation.
I agree with Margaretta Ryan ‘12 who said, in our school’s Horizons magazine that the rings “are tangible connections back to this community.” Even more so, the person who rings you is an important part of the Sacred Heart tradition. She should be a model to follow as a student and as a person. Having someone you admire ring you gives the ceremony and the ring that much more weight and importance. So, decide carefully juniors.
I personally admire the King Street Chronicle’s very own Opinions Editor and can only hope and work towards being as genuinely kind, brilliant, and hard working as she is. I thought this might be an opportune time to ask: Emily Hirshorn, will you ring me?
– Nebai Hernandez, Staff Writer