Humans of Sacred Heart – The Human Trafficking Club


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Lori Wilson

Members of Sacred Heart’s Human Trafficking club organized a chapel to spread awareness about the crime of human trafficking in relation to human dignity. Guest speaker and founder of The Brave Collection Ms. Jessica Hendricks, spoke at the chapel.
“I was introduced to Sacred Heart when I met a student who bought one of my bracelets from my mom’s store in Larchmont and I was talking to her about how I would love to connect with younger girls and high school girls more often, because girls your age have so many opportunities to travel and see the world. You guys are formulating who you are and who you want to be, so being able to share this idea with you is accomplishing my idea of empowerment in women,” Ms. Hendricks said.
The King Street Chronicle thanks the Human Trafficking club members and Ms. Hendricks for their contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Visit Ms. Hendricks’ jewelry collection here.
Compiled by Sarah Jackmauh and Alice Millerchip, Content Editors