Professional player to praiseworthy CSH coach


Sean Green, who coaches Convent of the Sacred Heart’s varsity basketball team, shoots a basket and shows he can not only coach, but play the game as well. courtesy of Alison Brett ’13

Convent of the Sacred Heart coach Sean Green is no stranger to the sport of basketball. Whether it was getting his career started at Oak Hill Academy or playing professionally in the National Basketball Association, his passion for the sport is undeniable, especially when he coaches the 12 members of Sacred Heart’s varsity basketball team.

Sean Green, who coaches Convent of the Sacred Heart’s varsity basketball team, shoots a basket and shows he can not only coach, but play the game as well.
courtesy of Alison Brett ’13

The number two nationally ranked All-American basketball player graduated from high school in 1987 and went to North Carolina State University on a full athletic scholarship. After transferring to Iona College, he was drafted into the NBA in 1991 as a forty-first pick overall for the Indiana Pacers. Coach Green was in the NBA for three years, playing for the Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Utah Jazz, before he played in Europe for eight years. During his career as a player, Coach Green realized his desire to do something else.
“I didn’t know I wanted to be a coach until three years ago,” Coach Green said. “I felt like I was given so much as a player growing up that I wanted to give back.”
Years of experience have allowed Coach Green to transfer immense knowledge and skill over to coaching. He became the Sacred Heart varsity basketball coach in 2010, and says that the cohesiveness of the team is his favorite part of coaching. He elaborates on several aspects that make his team so successful.
“I think the dedication and the hard work they put in during practice and during games goes a long way,” Coach Green said. “If you can focus on improving on your weakness and you have teammates that want to see you improve, success goes hand in hand.”
Coach Green is aware of the importance of having a continuous will to succeed. After he led his team to capture the Fairchester Athletic Association title for the first time in 23 years, he emphasized the significance of maintaining that drive in the current season.
“We need to step on the court and act like last year’s success never happened. They need to keep the hunger to succeed… a hunger we had last year. We need to focus on playing great basketball every time we step on the court and great things will follow,” Coach Green said.
Winning a championship one year and beginning the next with a 6-2 record shows an overall successful team, but there are always improvements to be made.
“We need to focus on working hard on team defense, sharing the basketball and knocking down open shots,” Coach Green said. “We aren’t shooting the ball as well this year, but I think we will improve on that in due time.”
Coach Green knows that having a successful season is important, but he finds that being a positive role model for his players means the most. Before each game, Coach Green offers a piece of advice to his team.
“I always tell them ‘Play against the game…Not the team.’ This means go out and work to play great basketball no matter who our opponent is. We need to execute the same way, whether we face a 10-0 team or a 0-10 team,” Coach Green said. “Never take short cuts.”
– Clare Geithner, Sports & Health Editor