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Molly Geisinger ’15

Some say good things come in threes, but for the Class of 2015, good things come in 15s. In honor of seniors’ last 15 days at Convent of the Sacred Heart, the Class of 2015 voted on 15 Senior Superlatives.

Molly Geisinger '15
Molly Geisinger ’15

1. Most likely to become Mariah Carey 2.0: Jessica Johnson
Runner up: Catie Capolongo
2. Most likely to marry her high school sweetheart: Alexa DiTursi
Runner up: Anneliese Hummel
3. Most likely to win an Oscar: Miranda Falk
Runner up: Gabby Giacomo
4. Most likely to block the traffic circle during dismissal: Liesl Hennig
Runner up: Phoebe Walker
5.  Most likely to compete in the Olympics: Kate Burkett
Runner up: Kirsten Parkinson
6. Most likely to be frequently absent from class: Lily Pillari and Grace Powers
Runner up: Ailish Cunniffe
7. Most likely to win the US Open: Jackie Urbinati
Runner up: Maddie Church
8. Most likely to be late to graduation: Vanessa Raskin
Runner up: Maddie Caponiti
9. Most likely to be your boss: Grace Isford
Runner up: Sheila Moran
10. Most likely to swim across the Atlantic: Jordan Cohen
Runners up: Grace Isford and Mari Riera
11. Most likely to be the next Michelangelo: Anabeth Bostrup
Runners up: Anneliese Hummel, Emily Casper, Maria Mikhail
12. Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket: Grace Finerman
Runner up: Julia Perry
13. Most likely to have a Starbucks drink named after her: Anna Phillips
Runner up: Annie Werdiger
14. Most likely to cure a disease: Alex Bolanos
Runner up: Sheila Moran
15. Most likely to break a world record: Kirsten Parkinson and Alice Millerchip
Runner up: Mari Riera
– Molly Geisinger, Co-Features Editor