Wisdom on the new horizon


Kelly McLaughlin ’16

As I was perusing the depths of Tumblr one afternoon this summer, I came across a picture of an ocean pier basked in an evanescent dawn light with the words “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” inscribed just above the horizon.
After quickly researching the aforementioned snippet of wisdom, I learned that the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle, spoke these words more than 2000 years ago. But despite the significant time gap between when these words were first spoken and now, nothing better exemplifies how I see the theme of wisdom in our school this year. 

Kelly McLaughlin '16
Kelly McLaughlin ’16

During the past few weeks of school, I have felt something resembling an out-of-body experience. The sudden thrust of new responsibilities upon my scared senior self is overwhelming to say the least.
I now find my thoughts directed towards the future; where do I see myself next year? What do I want to do with my life? But in order to answer these questions that are constantly circulating my mind in a frenzied panic, I have to first answer: who am I?
The answer to that sole question has the potential to define my senior year and the rest of my life. If I know who I am, then I can discover what it is I want in my life. But the problem lies in the fact that I do not yet know who I am. Fortunately, however, I do know how I want to be.
I want to carry myself with the values of courage, intelligence, compassion, love, and faith that Convent of the Sacred Heart has cultivated within me.  
Sacred Heart’s emphasis on these values is certainly shaping its students’ identity as wise, young women. From the teachers who are constantly available and willing to aid their students’ various academic pursuits, to sports practices where sportsmanship and compassion are taught right from the start, Sacred Heart instills the values of knowledge and kindness in its students on a daily basis. 
Wisdom is constantly flowing through the Sacred Heart hallways as new students enter and become one step closer to defining who they are.
For me, joining the King Street Chronicle Staff my sophomore year was a giant step toward self-discovery. I learned that writing is one of my passions, and now that I have the opportunity to share this passion with the new, talented reporters, I could not be more grateful.
So please join me on my journey toward discovering the wisdom within me this year by subscribing to the paper. With articles published daily, the newspaper is ready to take off and aid students in their journeys toward self-discovery.
The King Street Chronicle dedicates its first edition in honor of Catherine Nix ’06.
– Katie Nail, Editor-in-Chief