Two juniors conquer the channels of fashion


Allie and Hanna express their style and favorite trends through their Instagram posts @DontChangetheChanel_. Juliette Guice ’17

Convent of the Sacred Heart juniors Allie Massello and Hanna Sheehan channeled their passion for fashion into creating an Instagram account called @DontChangetheChanel_. The account features the latest trends and has gained over 300 followers since its launch April 20.
Allie and Hanna decided to start their page after realizing their mutual love for fashion and styling outfits. The pair then decided on their name as a tribute to the notable luxury brand Chanel.  
“Chanel is just such a huge force in the fashion industry,” Allie said.  “Our dream is to one day be able to create our own line and be as influential as Chanel. We use our Instagram as an outlet to explore and create new ideas and trends.”
Allie and Hanna love to feature clothing from stores such as Zara, TopShop, Bloomingdale’s, Celine, Gevini, Illesteva, Scoop, and LF. To allow followers to easily find the featured clothing, the girls tag the proper designers in each of the pictures. 

Allie and Hanna express their style and favorite trends through their Instagram posts.  Juliette Guice '17
Allie and Hanna express their style and favorite trends through their Instagram posts.
Juliette Guice ’17

In an effort to stay current, the duo reads fashion blogs and magazines and watches fashion television shows.
“We are both looking forward to many of this fall’s fashion trends including fringe, suede skirts, black denim and layered rings. We will be featuring these trends this season,” Hanna said.
Allie and Hanna cater to other fashionistas who appreciate sophisticated outfits and pops of color. The juniors are both dedicated followers of several successful Instagram pages including @SincerelyJules, @InMyBlondeLife and @ChiaraFerragni
“These Instagram accounts are little doses of inspiration every day,” Hanna said.
Allie and Hanna do their best to post photos daily during the summer and every other day during the school year. They look forward to vacations where they can post photos with different sceneries to compliment their outfits.
Allie’s younger sister, freshman Bianca Massello, and Hanna’s younger sister, eighthgrader Amelia Sheehan, also love to pose or take pictures for the account. 
“Our moms and younger sisters take most of our photos. They are our biggest fans,” Allie said.
Allie and Hanna look forward to the growth of their fashion following as their Instagram gains popularity.
“We love to support other girls and boys also interested in the fashion industry.  So feel free to direct message us your favorite outfits. We would definitely consider posting some of the photos sent to us,” Allie said.
– Juliette Guice, Co-Photo Editor and Co-Video Content Editor