Humans of Sacred Heart – Mrs. Magee King '93

Humans of Sacred Heart - Mrs. Magee King '93

HOSH: Mrs. King
What do you think of the new additions to the school as an Alumna?
“I think that the new athletic center is beautiful! I was here when they opened the Dubois gym in 1989 and we thought that it was a palace. So to see the new facilities is beyond what I would have ever dreamed of having as a student at Sacred Heart.”
What is something that no one at Sacred Heart knows about you?
“When I was 22, my first job was answering the letters that came into the Danielle Steel fan club.”
What are some things that you like to do outside of school?
“I love to cook and to go to the beach with my family. I love to spend time with my son and I love to go out and try new restaurants.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Assistant Director of Admissions Mrs. Magee King ’93 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
– Compiled by Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor and Alana Galloway, Content Editor