Wellness Week: The final day


Cheyann Greirson ’16

Today marks the fifth and final day of the first annual Wellness Week hosted by Upper School Science Teacher and Chair of the Science Department Dr. Victoria Landry’s Nutritional Chemistry and the Brain class. 

The week began November 9 with the goal of educating the Upper School community about nutrition and general wellness. Dr. Landry believes that this goal was met by the four student-run events.

“I hope that every member of the community walked away with at least one new tidbit of information or inspiration. Each event addressed a different aspect of the idea of  ‘wellness,’ so I hope that everyone found something they could connect directly to their own life,” Dr. Landry said.  

Cheyann Greirson '16
Cheyann Greirson ’16

This week has provided members of the Convent of the Sacred Heart community not only with information about personal health, but also the issues that those who are food insecure face daily.

“One of our goals was that the Upper School community would gain an awareness of the many different aspects of “wellness.” In particular, we wanted to show that not only is it important to consider how to treat your own body well, it is just as critical to be interested in the rights of those who may not have what they need to do the same,” Dr. Landry said.

Dr. Landry also hopes that the Nutritional Chemistry class can implement the knowledge they have received from the week in the classroom.

“One goal of the Nutritional Chemistry and the Brain class is for students to have a chance to practice cooking skills. These girls are going off to college next year, and they should have some of these basics in place,” Dr. Landry said. “We had previously studied how different cooking methods impact nutrient content, and so each student had to discuss how the cooking method she used for her recipe impacted nutrient content. Eating is, and should be, a community-building activity, so it is nice to enjoy each other’s company and efforts in the kitchen.”

 – Cheyann Greirson, Co-News Editor