The final touchdown


The New York Giants won the Super Bowl XLIVI in 2012. courtesy of Lauren Schwabe ’15

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl XLIVI in 2012.
courtesy of Lauren Schwabe ’15

The sounds of fans cheering, glasses clinking and the referee’s whistle blowing will fill the TV’s of football lovers on Sunday, February 3. At 6:30 PM, two teams will go head to head at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana to play in what will possibly be one of the most monumental games of their lives, Super Bowl XLVII.
The fourth seed winner, the Baltimore Ravens, from the American Football Conference, will be competing in the Super Bowl against the second seed winner, the San Francisco 49ers, from the National Football Conference. Both teams have proven to the nation that they deserve to be their conference champions.
“The Ravens deserve this shot at becoming Super Bowl champions,” Convent of the Sacred Heart junior Christina Monaco said. “It’s Ray Lewis’ last year and I really hope he has the chance of getting another ring.”
The Baltimore Ravens’ 10-6-0 regular season record enabled them to make the first round of the playoffs. On January 6, in the wild card round, they played the Indianapolis Colts and won 24-9. The following weekend, January 12, the Ravens defeated the Denver Broncos 38-35. Their final game of the National Football League playoffs was against the New England Patriots on January 20 and resulted in a 28-13 win for the Ravens.
The San Francisco 49ers ended their regular season with an 11-4-1 record, leading them into the divisional round to play the Green Bay Packers. On January 12, the 49ers defeated the Packers 45-31. The following week, January 20, the 49ers defeated the first seed holder, the Atlanta Falcons, with a 28-24 win.
“My family and I are Giants fans and we were really upset when they got eliminated, but I definitely prefer the 49ers over the Ravens because overall they’re a stronger and better team,” sophomore Emily Sabia said.
Many predictions of the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII are being made, but there can only be one winner in the end.
“I am really excited to watch it with a lot of my friends,” sophomore Alex Bolanos said. “I look forward to see how hard both teams work to earn this great title.”
– Jessica Johnson, Staff Writer