Making history in Europe


Courtesy of Claire Uygur ‘ 16 Multi Media Design Class

Courtesy of Claire Uygur ' 16 Multi Media Design Class
Courtesy of Claire Uygur ‘ 16 Multi Media Design Class

Mr. Paul Grisanti, Convent of the Sacred Heart Upper School sophomore History teacher, is back with more stories to share with his World and European history classes.  From escapades on the Iberian peninsula where he visited magnificent cathedrals and palaces, to the somber Normandy beaches, Mr. Grisanti’s teaching sabbatical was action-packed, emotionally moving, and educational.
Mr. Grisanti started his European tour in July by visiting Lisbon, Portugal, the nation’s capital and largest city.  This historical city is where the world was first determined to be spherical.  From there, he traveled to Seville and Madrid, Spain, visiting many of the buildings and landmarks that are emblems of Spanish history and government.
Although he had already been to Paris in the past, Mr. Grisanti took the opportunity to visit the Basilica of St. Denis, where all of the late monarchs of France are buried.
Traveling farther north, Mr. Gristanti moved from the hustle of Paris to the quietude of the Normandy beaches, where the infamous D-Day landing took place during World War II.  He was taken aback by the number of swimmers and vacationing tourists  on the shores where so many lives were lost.
“The D-Day beaches are holy ground, and should somehow be marked off and not even walked on,” Mr. Grisanti said.
Upon arriving home in September, Mr. Grisanti immediately went to work aiding those affected by Hurricane Sandy. For three days, he loaded trucks with supplies and provided emotional comfort to the traumatized.
“I’ll admit I cried; it was impossible not to,” Mr. Grisanti said.
In the time between September and his return to Sacred Heart in early January, Mr. Grisanti took courses in both technology and Latin American history at Iona College.
Overall, Mr. Gristanti’s journey has left him rejuvenated and excited to greet his new sophomore classes with the influences of his sabbatical, especially his personal experiences, such as hiking through the mountains of Geneva, Switzerland in his Bermuda shorts and t-shirt.
-Bianca Chiappelloni, Staff Writer