Senior Staff Editorial: Becoming An Adult


Alexandra Dimitri ’16

As seniors in high school, we are ending a chapter but starting a new phase in our lives. We have a newfound independence, yet we also need to be responsible and aware of the consequences of our actions and decisions as adults.
At age 18, we each enter an entirely new world of independence, maturity, and responsibility. We are now legally responsible for our actions and with this new responsibility we also have many new opportunities.
We are now afforded the right to vote in this year’s election, and are simultaneously faced with the decision of whether to vote Republican or Democratic. As independent and proactive seniors we are able to participate in an election that influences our future and the future of our children. It is our civic duty and right to participate in this election and it is our responsibility to try to choose a candidate that we believe will best lead our country.  
With the doors to voting polls now open to us, it is our responsibility as legal adults to educate ourselves in terms of politics. Although every human voice  holds value, at age 18, the power of each individual’s voice is amplified. As we are each presented with the power to vote in federal, state, and local elections, it is necessary for us to make use of our voices. 

Alexandra Dimitri '16
Alexandra Dimitri ’16

It is imperative that we are aware of the consequences of our decisions and that we remember that boundaries still exist. We can find this awareness through seeking out strong mentors and staying in contact with loved ones. Although friends may come and go, family members will always be available to guide us no matter how old we are. 
Additionally, by respecting ourselves and others, we can form a mutual respect which is essential for thriving in an ever changing and unforgiving world.
As 18-year-olds, we have finally reached the age of majority. However, it is up to us to choose what we would like to do with our newfound freedom.. We now have the potential to make our own choices and must follow our own moral compasses when making decisions. By following the ethical guidelines Convent of the Sacred Heart has instilled within us, we will be able to make informed choices in the years ahead.
Our opinions matter. They always have, yet at 18, we have a say in who leads us. Now we have more control over the future than ever before. However, with this newfound power comes responsibility to ourselves as well as to others.
– Senior Editorial Board