Facebook Search Engine


Courtesy of Katrina Rodgriguez ’16 Multi Media Design Class

Courtesy of Katrina Rodgriguez '16 Multi Media Design Class
Courtesy of Katrina Rodgriguez ’16 Multi Media Design Class

Facebook has spent years slowly building one of the largest empires in the world, which is now worth about 141 billion dollars. New additions and installments to this famous site have allowed it to become one of the top-earning websites of all time. However, Facebook has taken on an even newer aspect by adding its own search engine.
Facebook’s search engine will be called Graph, and it will distinguish itself from other popular search engines by providing a more personalized search, based on users’ profiles, friends, and friends of friends. For example, a user could enter into Graph specific questions about Facebook friends, from broad entries such as “Friends who live in Westchester” to the more specific “Friends who were in New York City for New Years 2011″.
“I don’t really see the point of this search engine, but I am excited to try it,” Convent of the Sacred Heart  junior Mo Leitner said.
Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, explained to the public that Graph, unlike websites like Google and Yahoo, will direct users to its own answers, rather than to outside websites. However, according to geekwire.com, Facebook’s Graph is partnering with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, to provide a greater amount of information in response to user searches.
“I have never actually heard of the new Facebook search engine,” freshman Kensi Almeida said.
Some people might find a privacy issue in this new Facebook development. Graph has the ability to instantaneously provide even more personal information than the aspects of Facebook that people are already used to, such as shared pictures and profile information. Therefore, Graph might lead to an increase in stronger security settings.
However, students at Sacred Heart have responded positively to Facebook’s change.
“I’m really excited to try this new feature of Facebook,” sophomore Jordan Cohen said.
– Julia Perry, Staff Writer