Senior Bucket List 2016


Senior Bucket List 2016
Senior Bucket List 2016

  1. Go to the observatory 
  2. Borrow a school skirt from Upper School Assistant Dean of Students Ms. Maura O’Grady
  3. Take a nap at school in the Upper School Core Center 
  4. Give a teacher I do not know a high five
  5. Make it to Starbucks and back during break period
  6. Go into the basement of  Salisbury Hall
  7. Eat lunch outside
  8. Play loud music in the Upper School Core Center
  9. See the “Mary Statue” in the attic 
  10. Be featured in Today From the Heart
  11. Wear something from the lost and found
  12. “Borrow” Administrative Assistant to Head of Upper School Mrs. Beth Angiolillo’s tape dispenser
  13. Eat more than two muffins in a day
  14. Take a “selfie” with Mr. Padilla
  15. Wear Ugg slippers for a whole day
  16. Leave my backpack at home
  17. Spend a free period in the library
  18. Take one step onto the Fairview Country Club golf course
  19. Wear my pajamas to school 
  20. Ring the Marie Jeanne d’Arc- Albertine bell

-Juliette Guice, Co-Photo Editor and Co-Video Content Editor