Anonymous love

Catherine Considine 13


Catherine Considine ’13

Veronica Convent’s Facebook profile.
Catherine Considine ’13

In a scene from the movie, Aquamarine, the three main characters have a conversation about earrings. Aquamarine, the mermaid who now has feet, says that she wears small starfish as earrings. Why? Besides the fact that they stick to her ear, she says that she wears them because, “they literally give me compliments – in my ear. They talk to me. They love to give compliments. It’s nice when you need a little boost.”
Convent of the Sacred Heart girls now have their own “starfish” to whisper compliments in their ears by way of Facebook.  January 10 marked the day when a person with the Facebook moniker, “Veronica Convent,” began to spread anonymous love to every Upper School girl by posting a complimentary status and tagging her in it.
When I first received the friend request, I waited two days before I accepted it because I did not know who she was.  However, when I finally looked at her Facebook timeline I saw endless statuses that all begin with the name of an Upper School student and were followed by a personalized compliment, all ending with, “you are loved, xoxo Veronica Convent.”
This has to be the greatest, nicest, most loving idea that I have ever seen!  So many times we hear about “cyber bullying” and how wrong it is, but this is the complete and total opposite.  Instead of using the internet to spread anonymous hate, Veronica Convent uses it to spread anonymous love to all the amazing Sacred Heart girls.
We may not know who “Veronica Convent” is, but what she is doing is truly incredible and selfless.  She certainly lives out Goals three and four from the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, “a social awareness which impels to action” and “the building of community as a Christian value,” respectively.

So if you or a friend, ever need a nice comment to lift your spirits, you can send a Facebook message to “Veronica Convent” and she will post a compliment for you.

Whoever you are, “Veronica Convent,” we sincerely thank you for brightening all of our days. As Aquamarine said about starfish, “They never lie.”

– Zsa Zsa Morel, Staff Writer
Catherine Considine ’13