Guide to Greenwich- Pizza


“Tomato sauce Pizze” from Terra Ristorante Italiano on Greenwich Avenue. Jackie Shannon ’18

Greenwich offers a variety of pizzerias, so we set out to find the best slice of cheese pizza in town.
Glenville Pizzeria
First, we stopped at Glenville Pizzeria, a cozy, family-owned, traditional pizza parlor, located on Glenville Road. Originally opened in 1976, this restaurant has become a casual Greenwich hot-spot for people of all ages.

Katie McCabe '18
Katie McCabe ’18

The overwhelming aroma of melted cheese and oregano filled the entire restaurant. Meanwhile, the display counter hosted an abundance of pizza pies, calzones, and other Italian specialties. 
During our visit to Glenville Pizzeria, we ordered a single slice of traditional, “Regular,” pizza for $3.00. After waiting only a few minutes, the server brought us a delectable slice of pizza on a white paper plate. Our slice of pizza was greasy, but had the perfect tomato to cheese ratio. 
Terra Ristorante Italiano
Next, we went to Terra Ristorante Italiano, which is centrally located on Greenwich Avenue.  After seating us immediately, the waiters continued to be amicable and vigilant. We ordered the “Tomato sauce Pizze” for $16.00.  As
Jackie Shannon '18
Jackie Shannon ’18

we waited for our pizza, we enjoyed the ambiance of the cozy and dimly lit restaurant.  
Our mouths watered as the waiter arrived at our table with a pie topped with mozzarella and basil. The pizza consisted of six slices and was the perfect size for a shared appetizer or a personal pie.
Terra offered a slightly cheesier pizza than Glenville and each slice consisted of a deliciously crispy thin crust.  Overall, we enjoyed our sit-down experience, but it was disappointing that we could not order a single slice to-go.  
Planet Pizza
An original slice of cheese pizza from Planet Pizza. Maggy Wolanske '18
An original slice of cheese pizza from Planet Pizza.
Maggy Wolanske ’18

Our last stop, Planet Pizza, is located at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue next to the Greenwich Train Station. We stood in line to order a slice of cheese pizza and the wait time was shocking. We had plenty of time to take in the chaotic environment and we noticed that there was trash left on the tables and an unwashed floor. It took 15 minutes to heat up a slice because the employees did not have enough pies or slices available for the lengthy and steadily growing line. In addition to the wait, the workers were arguing over a pizza delivery, creating a tense and loud atmosphere. 
Maggy Wolanske ’18

When the slice of “Premium Cheese” pizza, which cost $3.29, was finally ready, it was extremely oily, leaving a greasy imprint on the paper plate. However, the cheese was gooey on the sizzling pizza, leaving a balanced flavor of cheese and tomato. The dough was thick, creating a pleasant fluffed crust, but because the oil was overpowering, it took away from the otherwise delicious flavors offered. 
A slice of Regular pizza from our winner, Glenville Pizzeria. Katie McCabe '18
A slice of Regular pizza from our winner, Glenville Pizzeria.
Katie McCabe ’18


After visiting three of Greenwich’s most popular pizzerias, we decided that Glenville Pizza serves the best slice of pizza in town. While all three restaurants offered delicious pizza, Glenville Pizza served the most delectable piece of pizza, and it satisfied our appetite.  
-Katie McCabe, Staff Writer, Jackie Shannon, Staff Writer, and Maggy Wolanske, Staff Writer