Second week in Advent – Morning Meeting prayer – Mrs. Phyllis Pregiato


This is the prayer Mrs. Pregiato offered at Morning Meeting. We have reprinted it here with her permission. She credits a small book called “Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas” by Jan Cormier for the inspiration.

advent week 2

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.  We began the second week of Advent yesterday and are continuing with our preparation for Christmas here at Sacred Heart.   As we light the second candle on our Advent Wreath, let us think about the miracle of the Incarnation, the fact that Jesus becomes one of us.
Let us all think about today’s message as we move towards Christmas.
Our Community Service projects during the Christmas season are very fundamental to who we are as Sacred Heart.  They are meant to take us beyond the idea that we just have one more thing to do for school.   They are meant to remind us of the reason that Jesus came to us, to bring peace and joy to everyone.   
As you purchase your gift for Carver Center or Casa de Esperanza, can you deliberately and thoughtfully focus on who is going to receive it?  As you shop, try to see that person or family who will be receiving you gift: imagine the struggles, the fears, the constant state of need that is part of their everyday existence.  Put as much time and thought into that gift as you would put into a gift for your best friend or family member.       
Then take the receipt or some representation of your gift and place it on your Christmas tree or near the manger scene in your home.  Make that person or family whom you will never meet part of your Christmas celebration.  Include them in your prayers as you revel in the joy of the coming of Christ.  Through your generosity and prayer, you can make God’s kingdom a reality for your special Christmas “guests.”   
O Lord, help us to realize this Advent our own ability to bring healing and hope to others.  By our simple and unremarkable efforts to live your gospel of humble generosity, may we drive out the demons of despair, raise up those who struggle and restore the lost and abandoned to hope in the coming of your kingdom.  Amen.