Spirit Week builds community and fosters fun


Juliette Guide ’17 and Quinn Butler ’17 win best dressed in their Wonder Woman costumes Taken by Maggy Wolanske ’18

[envira-gallery id=”56797″]Sacred Heart Greenwich’s student council members brought back the tradition of Spirit Week to the Upper School this past week to build community and raise the students’ spirits as they approach the end of the second trimester. Senior and student body president Maeve Hogan announced the themes to the Upper School community in an email January 17.
This year, the student council incorporated fan favorites such as ‘Merica Monday and Fraternity Friday. They also introduced new themes, such as the popular television show Gossip Girl, holiday day, and “in ten years,” enabling students to dress up as their future careers.
“The student council has worked so hard on making Spirit Week an entertaining way to unite all four grades and spread our school’s growing heart,” sophomore and class Green Team Captain Hillary Hoover said.
To further encourage the positivity of this festive week, members of the student council utilized the school’s Snapchat, @cshgreenwich, to provide users with a way of viewing Upper School students in their themed attire.
“Maeve and the executive board took advantage of the school’s Snapchat to keep the entire Sacred Heart community involved, and it also allowed alumnae and parents to feel like they were in the halls,” junior and class president Lily Lemkau said.
To promote the start of Spirit Week, the best dressed for ‘Merica Monday received an award. Seniors Juliette Guice and Quinn Butler won this prize by dressing up as Wonder Woman and displaying their patriotic spirit.

Juliette Guide '17 and Quinn Butler '17 dressed up as Wonder Woman Maggy Wolanske '18
Seniors Juliette Guice and Quinn Butler dressed up as Wonder Woman for ‘Merica Monday.
Maggy Wolanske ’18

“Every day [on Snapchat], I featured the awesome costumes I saw, extraordinary spirit, and bits and pieces of different events that the student council had planned for the Upper School students,” Maeve said.
Tuesday, the entire senior class dressed up as Jenny Humphrey, one of the main characters in Gossip Girl. The next day, they dressed up as hippies for Earth Day in the spirit of the holiday theme.
Wednesday, the entire Upper School participated in an Easter Egg hunt. Each grade had their own color and could only collect the corresponding eggs that contained candy. Additionally, Juliette Guice found the hidden golden egg, giving the seniors a future pajama day.
The student council also hosted a costume contest to award the best dressed in each grade. Freshman Caroline Barranello won for her Halloween costume, sophomore Teaken Haggerty won for her St. Patrick’s Day costume, junior Madeline Black won for her Columbus Day costume, and senior Elizabeth Bachman won for her Earth Day costume.
Thursday, to correlate with the “in ten years” theme, each advisory filled their grade’s time capsule with mementos. Each class will open their time capsule at their respective ten year reunion. Items students put in the capsules included letters and advisory pictures.
“Spirit week provides the opportunity for people to have fun with what they wear when they come to school. Going to a Catholic school with a uniform, it’s sometimes fun to break out of the routine and have to actually plan what you’re wearing to school and have fun with it,” Maeve said.
– Maggy Wolanske, Staff Writer