Humans of Sacred Heart – Abby Leyson '18


How long have you been taking drama and what made you decide to take drama?
“I have been taking Drama since freshman year. I decided to put Drama as my first choice in eighth grade because I thought I was a pretty decent actress in middle school, but that was a short-lived dream once the second trimester of freshman year came around, and we began our playwriting unit. After that trimester, I decided that I would continue taking Drama for the rest of high school.”
What was the inspiration for your play?
“”She Will’” was inspired by a variety of events, such as incidents during my club Girl Power, conversations I had with my friends and family, and my own thoughts because women’s empowerment and rights are something I think and talk about a lot. Honestly, I took the smallest event from a day back in November or December when I began writing, and then I recreated that into a bigger story with different people and situations in order to make it more interesting.”
What did you enjoy most about Celebration of the Arts?  
“I enjoyed hearing the reactions from my play backstage because I didn’t get a chance to feel proud of my work until the first chorus of laughter that came from the audience; it was sort of relieving and amazing to hear reactions. I also enjoyed watching Drama I and II from the wings because seeing them perform and tell this story is incredible to me after watching them progress and improve their performance for the past few weeks. Besides that, I really enjoyed watching the slideshow from the art and photography classes because there isn’t much time to view the great pieces others create during the school day. Plus, only two or three pieces were shown for each person, and I think that shows what that individual is truly proud of, so it’s always nice to see what each person is proud of and wants to share with the whole school.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Abby Leyson ’18 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, Staff Writer
– Compiled by Nadia Zuaiter, Social Media Content Editor and Co-Podcast Editor and Katie McCabe, Staff Writer