Seniors pursue unique majors


Senior Katie Kablack working on a design project in AP Studio Art. Courtesy of Katie Kablack ’17.

Whether it is channeling a love for art, making a difference through patient and animal care, or designing cars, four Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors are pursuing their passions through unique majors in college. Kristen Davis is pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy, Marion Murphy is majoring in Art History, Tatiana Lieberman is studying Animal Science, and Katie Kablack is focusing on Industrial Design.
Marion discovered her interest in art history while taking Advanced Placement (AP) Art History this year. Her father’s longstanding interest in art and architecture inspired her to take the class.

Senior Marion Murphy enjoying a Jackson Pollock work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Courtesy of Marion Murphy ’17.

“When we would visit museums, [my dad] would teach my sister and me about important pieces of art. His love of art history has definitely impacted me and I love how I am able to share that passion with him,” Marion said.
Marion will attend Washington University in St. Louis this fall. She is very excited to be apart of the Department of Art History and Archaeology, which is one of the oldest art history programs outside of the Northeast, according to Marion’s ultimate career goal would be working as a curator at a museum.
“Being a curator is challenging but so interesting, and I think I would really enjoy working in that environment. My absolute dream job is being the chief curator of The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York,” Marion said.
Kristen initially became interested in physical therapy while receiving treatment for her shin splints after a basketball injury.
“While watching my own physical therapy, I realized that I love all aspects of the job and could even imagine myself being a physical therapist. I loved the connection to sports as a past athlete, the relationship and bond I could make with people, and how I could make a difference,” Kristen said.
Additionally, her uncle, who suffered from a stroke last year and lost mobility in his left arm and leg, needs critical physical therapy every day. As a result, Kristen realized the ability physical therapists have to improve people’s lives.
Last year, Kristen shadowed physical therapists at Northern Westchester Physical and Occupational Therapy in Mount Kisco, New York.  She also currently works at The Bristol in Armonk, New York, an assisted living community where she interacts with and assists the residents in the dining room. Kristen felt inspired to provide them with patience, love, and care after witnessing the severe need for physical therapy among the senior citizen demographic. 
Kristen will attend Northeastern University in the fall and will work towards her doctorate in physical therapy through a six-year program.
“I love physical therapy because it provides the opportunity to work with so many people and try different things. I think I want to start off traveling around with a professional sports team and then might gravitate towards working in a hospital or a senior citizen rehabilitation center, before opening up my own clinic,” Kristen said.
Senior Tatiana Lieberman practiced giving a dog a preliminary exam at the Cornell University Veterinary School in Ithaca, New York. Courtesy of Tatiana Lieberman ’17.

Tatiana has wanted to be a veterinarian since she was five years old and recently decided to pursue that career path in college. She plans to major in Animal Science, which focuses on animal biology and anatomy in order to best prepare students for the requirements of veterinary school.  
Animal Science is a specific major that is offered at a limited number of colleges and universities for undergraduate students. Tatiana will attend Cornell University next year. After college, Tatiana would like to attend graduate school to become a veterinarian with a specialization in cardiothoracic surgery.
Tatiana would also like to play in a role in stopping animal cruelty in first and third world countries, teach impoverished populations how to care for their animals, and establish a non-profit organization that helps owners in poor areas afford medical care for their animals. Moreover, she hopes to help doctors around the world implement a spay neuter protocol in order to control rabies outbreaks.

Tatiana has prior experience in the veterinary world, particularly through a Small Animal Veterinary Course she took at Cornell University last summer. She also volunteers at Leo Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich and the Greenwich Animal Hospital.
Senior Katie Kablack working on a design project in AP Studio Art. Courtesy of Katie Kablack ’17.

Katie initially became interested in industrial design while taking Design I during sophomore year. While she was trying to decide what to pursue in college the summer before senior year, she felt inspired to continue her love of design.
Katie is eager to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall and utilize the multitude of resources they have for students majoring in industrial design. After college, Katie is interested in working for a car company or a parts designer such as Vossen. She hopes to design cars or parts for cars. 
“I have worked in a car garage since I was fifteen, and I have been a car enthusiast since I was very young. Additionally, I have taken design classes here for the past three years, so I am really excited to bring the two together and study a field that I truly enjoy, ” Katie said.
-Jade Cohen, Content Editor