Breaking bats and breaking hearts


Yankees captain Derek Jeter will be forced to start the 2013 season on the disabled list due to an injury. courtesy of kim benza ’13

Yankees captain Derek Jeter will be forced to start the 2013 season on the disabled list due to an injury.  courtesy of kim benza '13
Yankees captain Derek Jeter will be forced to start the 2013 season on the disabled list due to an injury.
courtesy of kim benza ’13

The 2013 season has not yet officially started and already, the New York Yankees are facing several challenges that may threaten the success of the 27-time World Series champions.
Outfielder Curtis Granderson is out for ten weeks after fracturing his forearm. Captain Derek Jeter is still recovering from a left ankle fracture. Third baseman Alex Rodriguez is not only recovering from a bad hip, but he is also in the middle of a performance-enhancing drug use scandal.
In 2012, the Yankees finished first place in the American League East division with a record of 95-67. Though they beat the Baltimore Orioles in five games to start off the post-season, they fell to the Detroit Tigers in the American League Championship Series in four games.
“I think this season will be slightly more challenging than last year because of the various injuries we currently have, however it will be a good opportunity to give younger players some experience,”  Convent of the Sacred Heart junior Nicolette Brusco said. “This will most probably benefit us in the long run because we need to start training the younger generations due to our team’s older players.”
Yankees fans have reason to be hopeful, considering the team’s newest acquisitions. Not only did they agree to a contract extension with starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia (0-1), but they have acquired Boston Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis, left fielder Vernon Wells, and first baseman Lyle Overbay.
Yet despite these positive gains, they face the absence of several previously successful players. According to, not only are Granderson, Jeter, and Rodriguez dealing with injuries, but pitcher Phil Hughes is healing from a back injury. Hughes is not expected to make a start until April 12. Additionally, closing pitcher Mariano Rivera just announced that this will be his last season playing professional baseball.
“Every year teams have injuries,” senior Kelsey Roche said. “That doesn’t mean it will hold them back. Hopefully the injuries will not be terminal, and it just means they will need to work harder- it can serve as motivation.”
The loss of such players can potentially hurt the hitting record that the Yankees previously held. According to The New York Times, since the start of 2011, Granderson hit 84 home runs, the highest number of home runs for a major leaguer; the next highest number is 74. Jeter has also been a great contribution in terms of hitting. On July 9, 2011, he joined an elite group of 27 players to reach 3,000 hits.
“I believe they’ll find a way to get it done,” Yankees Manager Joe Girardi said about the success of his players, according to The New York Times. “I know people talk a lot about how we’ve lost home runs from last year. They try to put a number on it. But when they put a number on it, they don’t put a number on the home runs the guys we did add this year are going to hit.”
With an 8-2 loss against the Boston Red Sox during Opening Day Monday, some fans are not as optimistic as Girardi about the upcoming season.
“I think it will be difficult for the Yankees to come back considering a lot of their star players are out,” freshman Avery Juan said. “I hope that they will still have a successful season, but right now it does not look too good.”
– Clare Geithner, Sports & Health Editor