The girl on fire


Zyanna Almonacy ’16, Multi Media Design Class

The winner of the Oscar for “Best Actress” is always remembered.  This year, however, Jennifer Lawrence’s eventful trip (no pun intended) to the stage makes her win even more memorable.  Working her way up to the microphone in a winter white Dior princess gown, Lawrence lost her footing and fell on the stairs.  Even more unexpected than the fall, perhaps, is the worldwide support and adoration she’s received for her display of such humanness in the somewhat plastic world of Hollywood.

Zyanna Almonacy '16, Multi Media Design Class
Zyanna Almonacy ’16, Multi Media Design Class

In classic Jennifer Lawrence fashion, she made a pithy quip about her minor accident before launching into a heart-warming and genuine acceptance speech.  In something as insignificant as a trip, Lawrence captured the love of many. While celebrity crazed fans have typically been known to base their obsessions on the level of perfection stars represent, fans of J.Law adore something much more real: her imperfections.

Convent of the Sacred Heart senior Allison Davis wrote an editorial in October titled, “Imperfectness of being perfect,” that highlighted the societal pressures to fit into a certain image.  Well, it seems as though recently, the world has taken this idea to heart.  Exemplified by Jennifer Lawrence’s enormous fan-base, the obsession with perfection has taken a backseat to the growing appreciation of flaws.  Lawrence is considered beautiful not in spite of, but because of her imperfections.  The honesty and realness she exudes is refreshing and appreciated in our somewhat “perfection-driven” world.  Her successes act as a beacon of hope for all those who struggle to attain peace with themselves.  Jennifer Lawrence’s refusal to conform to the Hollywood “mold” has driven her to this place of power.  Through her actions she has eliminated the standard of “perfection” once expected of all celebrities in the spotlight.  Her talent requires no spray- tanned, highlighted, or surgically- altered mask.

In agreement with this worldwide love of Jennifer Lawrence is well-known fashion designer Christian Dior, who has chosen her to be the new face of Miss Dior.  In light of her Oscar mishap, he is rumored to be using a photograph of her fall in his newest ad campaign.  This campaign will be a standout in the fashion world, known to be cold- hearted in the face of imperfection.  The fact that this reverence of flaw has reached the stretches of the fashion industry is nearly miraculous.  Slowly but surely, the small window of perfection is being expanded.

Jennifer Lawrence truly is the “Girl on Fire.”  Her imperfections have ignited a worldwide appreciation for all of the qualities that make us unique, even our flaws.  While people have already realized the imperfectness of being perfect, many have begun to notice something else: the perfectness of being imperfect.

– Devon Hoffman and Allison Kenny, Co-Opinions Editors