"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Stephanie Beshoory '19


What is a surprising fact about you?
A surprising fact about me is that I am one-half Middle Eastern. My dad is from Iran, and my grandmother and grandfather were from Iraq. Not many people know this about me because I do not carry the traits of dark hair and dark eyes that people normally associate with the Middle East.”
What is your favorite extracurricular activity at Sacred Heart Greenwich?
“My favorite extracurricular activities at Sacred Heart are the various clubs that we can join. Clubs give us students the opportunity to interact with people of all grades who we do not normally see in the halls, allowing us to get to know the student body in a casual and fun place. They help to grow our community and create more bonds that we can carry with us throughout our time in high school and careers after that.”
What is something that you absolutely cannot live without?
“One thing that I cannot live without is Spotify. Listening to music calms me down after an extremely stressful day at school and allows me to block out any distracting noises. With Spotify, I can play any type of music that matches my mood, and it immediately brightens my day.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Stephanie Beshoory ’19 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor