"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Sofia Pizzinato exchange student


Where are you from, who are you staying with, and how long are you staying for?
“I’m from Sydney Australia, Kincoppal Rose Bay. I am staying with Georgia Ferguson and I’m here all together for three weeks.”
Is this your first time in New York or America and what was your initial reaction to America?
“This is my first time in New York, and it’s crazy the things that I’ve experienced that are different back home, things like food, the people, the weather. It’s so interesting to face these differences, and now I have come to an understanding on how different places in our world can be.”
What is the biggest difference between Sacred Heart Greenwich and your school, Kincoppal Rose Bay School in Sydney, Australia?
“The biggest difference between Sacred Heart Greenwich and my school Kincoppal Rose Bay would probably be the different types of sporting available to students. I have come across so many different sports that I hadn’t heard of before I arrived in America.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Australian exchange student from Kincoppal Rose Bay School Sofia Pizzinato for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Georgia Ferguson, Staff Writer
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor