Guide to Greenwich – Art Galleries


Guide to Greenwich – Art Galleries
In this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I walked around West Putnam Avenue, which seems to be the artistic epicenter of Greenwich. I visited three galleries, all of which exhibited a unique and exhilarating collection of art. 
Flinn Gallery
Flinn Gallery, situated inside the Greenwich Library, is small, yet bright and open. A curatorial advisor welcomed me, ready to answer any questions I had while walking through. Entry for the gallery is free, and, at the time, no one else was there.
The gallery’s main focus is bringing together education and artistic expression. The current exhibition, titled “Hazardous Beauty,” featured work by Mexican photographer Mr. Alejandro Durán and American visual artist Mr. Willie Cole. It includes a video element that shows Mr. Durán’s research process and also contains books and literary sources outside of the gallery space. 

The Flinn Gallery showcased “Hazardous Beauty,” which included art by Mr. Willie Cole and Mr. Alejandro Durán. Nina Rosenblum ’18

The amount of plastic waste both artists observed littered in coastal areas inspired Mr. Durán to create art that would raise awareness of pollution. Mr. Durán gathered the trash he cleaned from shorelines and arranged the items into dynamic photography pieces and three-dimensional works of art. Mr. Cole created sculptures of a bird, a car, and an umbrella from clear plastic bottles. It purposefully reminds the viewer of the pressing issue of pollution. The art is as beautiful as it is thought-provoking.
Zorya Fine Art 

Zorya Fine Art, located on West Putnam Avenue, pays tribute to Ukrainian art and history. The gallery space is narrow, yet maintains a well-lit atmosphere as it continues to the back, with a comfortable amount of art. The gallery curator greeted me warmly upon entering and was receptive to my questions.
The current exhibition entitled “Behind The Lines” displays works by American contemporary artist Ms. Ola Rondiak, who lived in Kiev, Ukraine for 20 years. Ms. Rondiak created a series of portrait paintings and sculptures that communicate the impact of the Soviet Union’s occupation of Ukraine on her and her family. The exhibition showcases the artist’s relationship with war. The paintings are emotionally charged and engage the viewer with bold words and vibrant colors. 
Paper sculptures by Ms. Ola Rondiak were a part of the “Behind the Lines” exhibition at Zorya Fine Art gallery. Courtesy of Mr. Bob Luckey Jr. for

In addition to showing contemporary artwork, the gallery’s reverence for 20th-century Ukrainian masters is also evident, as it displays art by Mr. Valeriy Skrypka. His art was the focus of the inaugural exhibition in 2004, which was a prologue to the gallery’s continual exhibition of art that is forward-thinking and reflective of Ukranian culture. 
Gilles Clement Gallery
Gilles Clement Galleryalso on West Putnam Avenue, exhibits a comprehensive and eclectic collection of contemporary painting and sculpture, with an emphasis on Pop Art and Street Art. The assistant curator was eager to guide me through the gallery.
The featured artists include well-known multimedia creators such as Mr. Yves Klein and MARCK, as well as other emerging artists
The interior of Gilles Clement Gallery holds a variety of Contemporary Art. Nina Rosenblum ’18

The interior space gives off a metropolitan vibe which New England galleries seldom offer. Curator Gilles Clement strives to bring a refreshing selection of urban art to the Greenwich buyer’s market, according to The collection reflects his personal taste and affection for sharing art that diverges from convention.
The gallery displays a range of mediums, from traditional painting to glass chandeliers, fiberglass statues of animals, video displays, and fluorescent lights. The interior is spacious and showcases exciting colors, words, shapes, and evocative art. This variety of compelling aesthetics and artistic styles contributed to an exhilarating experience.
Overall, my experience at Zorya Fine Art was the most enriching, making it the winner of this edition of Guide to Greenwich. While the art is Avant-Garde, it also has strong roots in history and echoes Ukrainian culture and political events. The curator was especially attentive and gave me extensive background information about the art, which helped me better understand and appreciate the exhibition.
-Nina Rosenblum, Opinions and Podcast Editor
Featured Image courtesy of Mr. Bob Luckey Jr. for