A month of poems: Day seven


Sunday, April 1, marked the start of National Poetry Month, an annual celebration the Academy of American Poets first introduced in 1996, according to poets.org. To commemorate National Poetry Month, the largest literary celebration in the world, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem each school day throughout April.

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The Midnight Dance
Sara Hecht ’19
Snow flurries off branches, a wonderful wintry dance.
Each snowflake pirouettes,
swirling, twirling, spiraling.
They gleam in the moonlight, shards of diamond.
Gusts of fresh pine air blow,
catching her hair – it flies through the star-studded sky,
climbing. Wind winds around each branch,
awakening drowsy trees.
Red, her coat vibrates through the forest.
Ruddy cheeks, frozen in this frigid place.
Brilliant blue, her eyes glow in the moonlight.
Full of wonder, she explores with grace,
her silhouette black on the radiating white
as she walks a narrow path. Silence.
Not a peep. Only the crunch of snow underfoot.
She walks past a den, fox pups sleep.
Snowflakes steadily fall, dancing – an encore.
Landing peacefully on her eyelashes,
graceful but on edge, a crown atop her head,
wallowing in the utter brilliance, a radiating smile.
– Mae Harkins, Staff Writer
Featured Image by Mae Harkins ’20