Senior superlatives 2018


Karina Badey ’19

1. Most likely to become President:
Laura Holland
Runner-up: Kaitlin Reilly
2. Most likely to be a famous YouTuber:
Christina DeConcini
Runner-up: Elisabeth Hall
3. Most likely to win a Tony Award:
Jackie Koletas
Runner-up: Abby Leyson
4. Most likely to become Instagram famous:
Lily Holl
Runner-up: Christina DeConcini
5. Most likely to publish a book:
Sofia Caruso
Runner-up: Emily Coster
6. Most likely to start her own clothing line:
Sloane Kratzman
Runner-up: Jackie Shannon and Barbara Jones (tie)
7. Most likely to be an Olympic athlete:
Clara Geffs
Runner-up: Ciara Henry
8. Most likely to have her own reality TV show:
Tiara McIntosh
Runner-up: Kaitlin Reilly
9. Most likely to marry her high school sweetheart:
Clara Geffs
Runner-up: Kate Ruberti
10. Most likely to live in a foreign country:
Zaza Gil
Runner-up: Maddy Black
11. Most likely to be the future CEO of Apple:
Ayna Ramseur-Moore
Runner-up: Pau Barbosa
12. Most likely to win the New York Marathon:
Ciara Henry
Runner-up: Maggy Wolanske
13. Most likely to have her own art exhibit:
Andy Bella
Runner-up: Nina Rosenblum
14. Most likely to be a Broadway star:
Jackie Koletas
Runner-up: Sofia Caruso
15. Most likely to work at Sacred Heart:
Kaitlin Reilly
Runner-up: Katie McCabe
– Compiled by Karina Badey, Arts and Entertainment Editor
Featured image by Karina Badey ’19