Guide to Greenwich Senior Edition


Courtesy of Sydney Gallop ’20.

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, we went to Greenwich, Connecticut and Rye, New York to check out some of Sacred Heart Greenwich seniors’ favorite restaurants.

Morgan Smith ’20

Corbo’s Corner Deli at Belle Fair
Corbo’s Corner Deli is located in the Belle Fair community center in Rye Brook, New York on King Street. We drove to Corbo’s and ordered a sandwich with a chicken cutlet, mozzarella cheese, and avocado on a roll. Two men worked behind the counter and a few men worked in the kitchen, busy with mobile orders. One of them took our order and handed us the sandwich in about five minutes.
The chicken cutlet sandwich cost $7.50 but was well worth it. After unraveling the tinfoil, steam quickly rose from the sandwich, and the cheese from the two halves of the sandwich stuck together as we pulled the bread apart. The blend of chicken, mozzarella, and avocado made for the perfect mid-day meal. Overall, the sandwich was well-priced and delectable.
Additionally, if students cannot drive to Corbo’s during the day, the restaurant delivers straight to Sacred Heart Greenwich, usually with just a 20-minute wait.
Amelia Sheehan ’20

G-Ville Deli
Next, we traveled to G-Ville Deli in Glenville, Connecticut. The store had only a few customers around noon, but by 12:30 p.m. people were rushing in to get lunch.
We walked to the counter and a worker greeted us and took our order of a mac-and-cheese grilled cheese and chicken cutlet, mozzarella, and avocado on a Kaiser roll. We grabbed some chips and drinks, paid $13.75 for the meal, and found an open table overlooking the traffic on the street. Within five minutes, the food came right to the table.
The mac-and-cheese grilled cheese was warm and delicious. The sandwich was an excellent mix of cheese and bread, making for the ultimate grilled cheese. As opposed to the sandwich at Corbo’s, the chicken cutlet at G-Ville Deli was not warm, but still tasted very good. In all, the atmosphere of this small deli was welcoming and clean, and the sandwiches tasted excellent. 
Morgan Smith ’20

Hand Rolled Bagels
Next, we arrived at Hand Rolled Bagels in Rye, New York. When we walked up to the bagel shop, there was a line out the door. It was overwhelming, but we decided to stay. Once we got inside, we noticed that it was a small space, which revealed why the line continued outside.
We got up to the counter and, feeling rushed, ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese (BEC) on a plain toasted bagel. A worker wrote down our order and told us to wait to the side. We stood there surrounded by about ten other hungry customers, and, after eight minutes, our order was ready. We ordered an additional coffee and paid $9.50 for the meal. 
As we opened the tinfoil, we looked down and saw a regular to sub-par looking BEC. We decided to judge the sandwich by its taste and not its appearance, so we bit into the bagel. The BEC satisfied our breakfast expectations with its superb mixture of melted cheese, crispy bacon, and firm eggs. Hand Rolled’s BEC is one of the best sandwiches to start off the day. 
Amelia Sheehan ’20.

Glory Days Diner
Lastly, we went to Glory Days Diner which is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. The small restaurant was crowded on the warm Sunday morning, yet the server sat the three of us right away in a cute red booth. They gave us menus, and, after looking over the familiar diner menu, we placed our orders. We ordered a vanilla milkshake and the famous French toast with bananas and Nutella. The food came within 15 minutes and was steaming hot and savory.
Winner: Corbo’s Corner Deli at Belle Fair
After sampling some of the most popular restaurants around the area, 50 seniors voted on the spots they like best. In first place came Corbo’s, followed by Glory Days, G-ville Deli, and lastly Hand Rolled Bagels. For us, Corbo’s came in first, followed by Hand Rolled Bagels, G-ville Deli, and Glory Days. 
Amelia Sheehan, Morgan Smith, and Sydney Gallop, Staff Writers