Packing advice from the class of 2012


courtesy of Lauren Monahan ’16, Multi Media Design Class

courtesy of Lauren Monahan ’16, Multi Media Design Class
courtesy of Lauren Monahan ’16, Multi Media Design Class

What the class of 2012 recommends the current seniors bring to college:

  1. Febreze –“My suitemate insisted on buying a couch for our common room from the Salvation Army that reeks of tobacco smoke. But Febreze masks the worst of the stench.” – Nicole Narea, Yale University ’16

  2. Bathing suits – “They unexpectedly came in handy when I decided to join club swimming.” – Kerianne Doran, Elon University ’16

  3. Sewing kit and Senior Seminar notes – “I found that my class notes from all of my classes helped because in some of my courses we were studying what I had already studied.” – Ashleigh McGrath, Elon University ’16

  4. Thermos –  “Lots of libraries don’t allow paper cups, so having a thermos that you can fill up in the dining hall and bring with you is really convenient for late-night studying. Not to mention that lots of coffee shops give discounts for using a reusable cup.” – Katie Colford, Yale University ’16

  5. Band-Aids and antibiotic creams  – “All the annoying things your parents force you to bring (especially if they are doctors) – you’ll end up needing the band-aids and antibiotic creams. Also, bring a deck of cards.” – Claudia Khoury, Columbia University ’16

  6. Vacuum and full length mirror – “A vacuum is necessary if you have full carpeted floors (which I think a lot of dorm rooms have). Also, a full length mirror is something people may more readily think to bring, but its also something I use everyday and probably could not survive without.” – Fiona Cavise, Georgetown University ’16

What the class of 2012 wishes they brought to college initially and had to get later on:

  1. Sound-canceling headphones –  “They’re perfect for study sessions in coffee shops to eliminate background noise…or Yale’s floating dance parties (people download a particular playlist to their iPods and simultaneously jam…quite a strange phenomenon to a bystander watching an entire crowd dancing in silence).”- Nicole Narea, Yale University ’16

  2. Warm jackets – “For those girls going south, don’t assume it will always be warm…it won’t be. Just make sure no matter where you are that you come prepared for all kinds of weather.” – Kerianne Doran, Elon University ’16

  3. Winter boots – “I wish I had my winter boots from the beginning. I did not expect it to be as cold as it was down there this year.” – Ashleigh McGrath

  4. Christmas lights – “I realized around Christmastime when I was decorating my suite that Christmas lights provide a really nice ambient light throughout an entire room (much nicer than the fluorescent overhead lights that are often found in dorm rooms). I decided to leave them up for the rest of the year.” – Katie Colford, Yale University ’16

  5. Backpack – “I might’ve forgotten that we were actually going there to still go to school.” – Claudia Khoury, Columbia University ’16

  6. Silverware – “I initially did not bring silverware. I had one pack of plastic cutlery but I had to keep on buying some when I ran out (spoons for oatmeal in the room, knives for spreading peanut butter on a sandwich). Also plates and bowls are useful.” – Fiona Cavise, Georgetown University ’16

– Emily Hirshorn, Staff Writer