“Humans of Sacred Heart” – Julia Veber ’19


What did you dress up as this year for Halloween and why did you choose this look?
“This year, since the senior theme is movies and TV Shows from the early 2000s, my friends and I are being the cast of Drake and Josh, and I am going as Megan, Drake and Josh’s younger sister. We chose to do Drake and Josh as it was one of our favorite TV shows growing up, and it still is to this day.”
What is your favorite Halloween tradition?
“Every Halloween my family and I drive to the Greatest Blaze Pumpkin Maze, also known as The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, in the Hudson Valley. There are over 7,000 Jack O’Lanterns on display which takes over 1,000 volunteers put together and many weeks of work. While there, we eat pumpkin pie, drink apple cider, explore the maze, and bring home many apple cider donuts for the rest of the week.”
What is your favorite memory of Halloween at Sacred Heart Greenwich?
“My favorite memory of Halloween at Sacred Heart would be my advisory’s parties because every year we combine with another advisory, Mr. Favata brings in his Hot Chocolate maker, and Señora Garcia always makes sure that we have chocolate covered pretzels.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Julia Veber ’19 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Christine Guido, News Editor
– Compiled by Christine Guido, News Editor