12 Days of Christmas — Day 2


During the twelve days until Christmas break, the King Street Chronicle will again present staff favorites from the holiday season. This second edition will not include two turtledoves, but beloved Christmas songs, memories, recipes, movies, and crafts.


“Merry Christmas Everyone” by Shakin’ Stevens.

Senior Catherine Hamilton

The Hamilton family decorates the evergreen trees in front of their house for Christmas. Courtesy of Catherine Hamilton ’19

Every year around Christmas time, my family and I light up 20 evergreen Christmas trees around our house. We use rainbow lights and everyone in the neighborhood comes and visits our house and waits for the trees to go up each year.
Three Ingredient Christmas Swirl Fudge

  • One 12 ounce bag (about two cups) of white vanilla baking chips
  • One container of vanilla frosting
  • Green and red food coloring
Courtesy of bettycrocker.com

  1.  Line an eight-inch square pan with foil, leaving foil overhanging at two opposite sides of the pan; spray foil with cooking spray.
  2. In a large microwavable bowl, microwave the white chips uncovered on High for one minute. Spoon the frosting over the chips.
  3. Microwave on high for an additional 30 seconds, and stir. If necessary, continue to microwave in 15-second increments until mixture can be stirred smooth.
  4. Place three-quarters of a cup of the fudge mixture into each of two small bowls, leaving remaining untinted fudge mixture in bowl. Tint one bowl green and one bowl red by stirring in each food color to the desired color.
  5. Drop heaping tablespoons of the green, red and white fudge mixture in the bottom of the pan to create a random pattern. Pull a table knife through the layers for marbled design.
  6. Refrigerate uncovered until set, about one hour. Remove from the pan by lifting the foil, and peel the foil away. Cut into eight rows by eight rows. Store covered in the refrigerator.


Courtesy of imdb.com

Christmas Wonderland
“Heidi, who initially left her small town of Pleasant Valley with the dream of one day becoming a successful painter, has put her own art on hold to excel as an art gallery curator. Now, a week before the gallery’s big Christmas party, she must return home to watch her niece and nephew. She comes face to face with her high school love, who is in over his head after he must find a new last-minute location for the Christmas high-school dance. Heidi offers to help him, and together they discover a beautiful place for the dance, capturing the Christmas spirit. With Christmas fast approaching, Heidi soon becomes torn between the life she built in the city and the life she is surprisingly charmed by back in Pleasant Valley,” courtesy of hallmarkchannel.com.
DIY Indigo Marbled Ornaments
Courtesy of aliceandlouis.com


  • White glass ornaments
  • Dark blue nail polish
  • A disposable plastic container
  • Rubber gloves
  • A stir stick
  • Nail polish remover
  • Wax paper
  • Room temperature water


  1. Fill the plastic container three-quarters of the way full with room temperature water.
  2. Start to pour the nail polish gently into the water. A little polish goes a long way. To have more coverage on the ornament, pour more polish in the water.
  3. Lightly stir polish on the water with the stir stick to make a marble look in the water.
  4. Wearing the gloves, dip the ornament under the water and swirl.
  5. Lay the ornaments out to dry.

-Curated by Daisy Steinthal ’19, Editor-in-Chief