A month of poems: Day 12

This April is the 24th National Poetry Month, a celebration established and organized by the Academy of American Poets.  Throughout the month, there are a number of specific events including Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 18, and the Dear Poet project.  Every school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem in honor of National Poetry Month.

Photography courtesy of Peter Harkins

the Light and I
Mae Harkins ’20
              p u l s e
in sync,
the waves’ crash—
   our metronome.
I am a
             f l i c k e r,
the Light is vast,
but He—
He Who made both
says I
  am significant
calls me more
than the Light
and I know
  I’m drowning—
not in the sea
 but in how He sees me.
– Sydney Kim, Opinions Editor
Featured Image by Sydney Kim ’20