A month of poems: Day 16

This April is the 24th National Poetry Month, a celebration established and organized by the Academy of American Poets.  Throughout the month, there are a number of specific events including Poem in Your Pocket Day, April 18, and the Dear Poet project.  Every school day this month, the King Street Chronicle will publish one poem in honor of National Poetry Month.  

Courtesy of Miss Danielle Gennaro ’05

Originally published in Wizards in Space Literary Magazine
Ars Poetica II
Bell Choir Director Miss Danielle Gennaro ’05
she was hard to watch,
                                       a hypnotic human junkyard,
       made of parts that never worked
so well as when they broke off, stopped
       trying to be what they were and started
       trying to be.
she sure was something to look at,
even though sometimes she wasn’t;
her clothing might have been white
                                  once, now
      a dirtier version of itself. and her
skin was deep and cracked like dry canyons that
      people wanted to visit, but no
      people wanted.
and when she would talk, you’d wish
you could be in two places
                                                 at once:
            forever with her, forever gone.
the things she said when you
might have been listening weren’t always
                                   supposed to be true:
     they were just things.
and even though they weren’t always
     beautiful, they were always
– Sydney Kim, Opinions Editor
Featured Image by Sydney Kim ’20