Confessions of the Class of 2019

Olivia Batal ’19 confesses her sins before the end of the school year.  Karina Badey ’19

Mr. Dutcher is my favorite teacher.
Whenever I forgot a tee shirt for sports, I would take one from the peer leadership shirt box.  I now own at least 10 “Class of 2021” shirts.
I only found out my Sophomore year that the bathroom on the first floor is a MEN’s room… I had been using it all freshman year.
I climbed the slide at Camp Jewell.
I wish Profesora Ruiz would adopt me.
I don’t brush my hair in the morning.
I have cut the line in the cafeteria during break every day this year because I’m a senior.
I only have one kilt and I wash it during Christmas break and spring break.
I haven’t been on time since February.
I have not ONCE parked in the senior lot this year.
Miss Pan has pulled me out of class multiple times because I park illegally.
I eat a minimum of six croissants at every Sacred Heart reception.
I mutilate the aloe plant in calculus every day.
I have ordered über eats every day for lunch.
I’ve never not talked during a liturgy, sorry!
I back-in-park in the faculty lot to hide my 2019 sticker.
I thought Emma O’Connor and Katelin Ulmer were the same person all of freshman year.
I refuse to use NoodleTools and still use EasyBib.
I was banned from sending all-school emails.
I wrote a fake nurse’s note to Dr. Castle because I forgot we had a double.  I got caught.
I’ve found about $10 total on chairs in the core center and I spent it all on muffins.
Freshman year I avoided the tech office lady for five months because I didn’t want to give the loaner back.

– Compiled by Karina Badey, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor
Featured Image by Karina Badey ’19